One of the famous.

They've starred in a David Attenborough documentary, and their affairs frequently make the local news. Facebook groups are dedicated to them, and academics study them. They are a family of smooth-coated otters, and has adapt to living in an urban environment, prompting experts to marvel at the way the animals have flourished in relatively unnatural surroundings.

I went on a trip with my son to Singapore and the main goal was to find and photograph the famous otters. Just to go there and photograph the otters are not that easy because there is not that many otters and they move around in a big area. Most of the people living in Singapore have never seen the otters. We manage to get a short glimt of otters at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and I got some pictures but they were to far away for good ones. One day later we was walking around the “Gardens of the bay” and photographing birds and of course looking for the otters. We had walked around for may be 4 hours and there was no signs of the otters but we saw lots of birds. Then suddenly  we had the fortune to stumble over one of the otters hunting in the water just outside the "Cloud forest” and it had just caught a big Red Devil cichlid. I was lucky to get some really great pictures from a close distance.